Under Floor Steel Slimline Rainwater Storage Tanks

Where are the Rainwater Tanks?

Award Winning Architect Karen Burke was designing a holiday home for a well-known Sydney identity who was keen to build a sustainable but aesthetically pleasing home. The goal was to store at least 15,000 litres of rainwater without having large water tanks taking up garden space.Central Coast Home with 6 Steel slimline tanks installed in the basement

Karen contacted the experts at Waterplex to seek their advice on how best to achieve this. The house was built on a slight incline with two floors of living space and an elevated ground floor to capitalise on the views. The elevation meant there was room within the plans for low height rainwater tanks within the plant room. This was the ideal spot to hide the rainwater water tanks.

Rainwater Tanks with a Low Profile

Waterplex suggested using half height AquaClad® steel slimline water tanks and abutting several together along a wall of the area. In total, six Aquaclad® steel slimline water tanks were installed, each of which measured 955mm wide x 3600mm long and 880mm high giving a total storage capacity of 16,500 litres – overachieving the water storage goal and all invisible from outside the home.

Water Tanks that Maxmise Storage

The perfect square-edged nature of the AquaClad® steel slimline water tanks also meant that maximum storage was Steel slimline modular low height tanks in under floor areaachieved with minimum footprint so there was still room left over for the storage of household detritus.

The steel slimline water tanks could be installed at the end of the building process because they are assembled in-situ. This meant that there was no risk of damage caused during the building process, which can often happen when water tanks are installed early in the building process.

There is now plenty of stored water which is used to flush toilets and to water the garden and yet the steel slimline tanks cannot be seen and do not take up valuable garden area.

Waterplex specialises in difficult access or limited space water storage solutions. Call the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70 for guidance and advice on your rainwater storage solution.

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