Under Floor Rainwater Bladder Tank and Rainwater Filtration System

Under Floor Rainwater Tanks

The brief for the water storage solution for this home was clear - "We want the best quality water possible but we don't want to see a thing" said the home owner. Waterplex worked with one of their preferred installers to provide an under floor, out of sight rainwater bladder tank and rainwater harvesting system that focused on water quality with minimal maintenance.Under floor rainwater bladder tank & Filter System

Eco Sac® Bladder Tank

The system captures rain water from the whole roof and delivers into the eco sac® underfloor bladder tank via a centralised first flush diverter and a Waterplex whole of roof cistern filter. The bladder tank is protected by a customised shaped and gusseted protective bladder cover. The centralised first flush and cistern filter avoids the need for unsightly first flush diverters and rain heads on individual down pipes. More importantly, the centralised rainwater filter also acts as the "diverter" once the bladder tank is full and it self-cleans using the rainwater and overflow to do the hard work. The fact that the filter is enclosed is an added advantage because it stops any water from potentially splashing in the under house area.

Rainwater Controller

The rest of the system includes a Pentair Onga Water Switch rainwater controller connected to the eco sac® bladder tank via a Waterplex float chamber, a "Y" strainer filter between the pump and water switch and a triple action cartridge filter as added assurance that there will be no taste, smell or sediment in the water delivered into the home.

Waterplex specialise in whole of roof rainwater harvesting, steel and poly water tanks, bladder tanks, centralised rainwater filtration and pump solutions. Call the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70 if you need advice on the best rainwater harvesting and tank system for your home.

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