Truck Bladder Flexitanks for Transporting Bulk Liquids

Flexitanks: Turning Trucks into Tankers

The T Flex truck flexitank bladder solution from Waterplex is an ideal transport solution when dedicated truck tankers are not available or they are too costly for a one way trip without a return paying load.

Recently introduced to the Australian market by Waterplex, the exclusive Australasian distributor, the T Flex truck flexitanks are a proven and accepted form of bulk liquid transport in Europe.

T-Flex Truck Flexitank Certification

Tested and certified by the leading German vehicle and load testing authority Dekra the T Flex truck flexitank has been through a rigorous design regime and testing process to be able to confidently hold loads of up to 25,000 litres. The testing process can be seen in the video link showing an emergency braking incident with a 25,000 litre truck flexitank with both internal and external truck views.


A copy of the Dekra flexitank certification is available on request from Waterplex along with product data sheets. All T Flex truck flexitank bladders are suitable for most foodgrade liquids but are not appropriate for dangerous goods.

Call the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70 for more information or for a quote on the supply of T Flex truck flexitank bladders.

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