Stormwater Detention Tank Liner and Rainwater Tank liner Residential Application

A Tank Liner for Stormwater Detention Tanks

Many local councils around Australia require either a rainwater tank, a detention tank or sometimes a combination of both to be installed in new developments. A detention tank delays the flow of rainwater and  stormwater to municipal storm water pipes. A detention tank can be combined with a rainwater tank by using an internal weir to separate the harvested rainwater and the captured storm water.Installed Tank Liner in Rainwater Tank

It is critical that the two types of water are not mixed, particularly to avoid health risks associated with dirty stormwater. The most effective way to do this is to use a tank liner.

A home owner with a combined rainwater and stormwater tank called Waterplex to help solve their problem because water was leaking from the two tanks and the clean rainwater was being contaminated with dirty stormwater.

Water Tank Liners with a Difference

Waterplex was able to fabricate a tank liner for the rainwater tank and a separate tank liner for the detention tank that ensured the integrity of each. It was important to install a tank liner in the detention tank to make sure it was not leaking into the rainwater tank. The fabrication of the tank liner also included lining the weir between the two tanks.Installed Tank Liner in Stormwater Detention Tank

The tank liner solution, while complex in terms of fabrication, was cost effective and supplied in a very short time frame. A fixing mechanism was included and welded in the tank liner for easy installation and a sump was fabricated to match the sump within the tank so it could house a submersible pump.

Waterplex is a specialist in designing and supplying tank liners for all type of water storage and liquid containment requirements. A tank liner is an effective solution for significantly extending the life of an existing water tank or ensuring the integrity of a new tank.

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