Rainwater Bladder Tanks Utilising Previously Wasted Space

Under Deck Rainwater Bladder Tanks

Rainwater bladder tanks are the perfect way to utilise previously wasted space and provide a hidden rainwater storage system. In this particular case the Waterplex customer was planning to install a 10,000 litre round poly rainwater tank. While a round poly water tank was a cost effective solution, it would significantly reduce the available space in the back garden and it would be an eye sore every time the customer looked out the window into their yard.Eco Sac Bladder Tanks with Protective Covers Under Deck

After a visit to the customers home, it was clear that there was available and wasted space under a cantilevered deck that would allow the customer to store more than 10,000 litres of rainwater by installing eco sac® framed bladder tanks. The bladder tank frames enable the amount of water storage to be maximised per square metre of available space by allowing the bladder tank to fill into the square frame.

Bladder Tank Protective Covers

In this installation, the customer’s deck was north facing and the customer chose to protect their investment with a protective cover on each of their bladder tanks. For a small incremental cost, these shaped and gusseted protective covers provide UV, debris and general protection for the bladder tanks. Eco Sac protective covers allow for water seepage if any rain blows on them (to prevent any risk of mosquitoes) and include a belt and buckle system for attachment to the bladder tank frame.

Manifolded Bladder Tanks acting as a Single Rainwater Tank

By manifolding the bladder tanks at the 100mm PVC inlets and the 32mm tank fitting outlets, the installation acts as a single 10,000+ litres rainwater tank. The two bladders co-fill through the 100mm inlets and self-balance both through the inlets and outlets. Any only one pump is required in order to utilise the water from both bladder tanks via the common outlet manifold.

The final solution for the customer was more storage than they original planned, completely out of sight and there was no impact on the available space in their backyard.

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