K-Flex Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers

The K-Flex flexible intermediate bulk container (IBC) is supplied in a flat-pack format that allows for efficient, low-cost shipping to the point of fillin g. They are easily assembled and filled as can be seen in the attached video. The food grade liner is already installed inside the reinforced outer.

To assemble and fill the K-Flex flexible IBC:

  • unfold the outer IBC liner and place it on a pallet
  • tie the IBC to the pallet using the integrated woven straps on the reinforced IBC outer layer
  • open the top spout and commence filling

Once filled, the K-Flex flexible IBC is ready for transportation and can be loaded up to two pallets high provided the pallets are supported laterally to ensure they do not topple.

 When the IBC reaches its final destination, it is easily discharged as shown in the attached video. Alternatively, it can be placed on a dispensing tray and used to dispense liquids over time for example, supplying an ingredient into a manufacturing process. The steps to discharge a K-Flex flexible IBC assuming the use of a 2" spike valve are:

  • Support the valve and decanting hose using the IBC tying straps as shown in the video
  • Remove the material flap covering the point where the valve will be inserted
  • Insert the valve spike into the IBC (the elasticity and strength of the inner liner prevents any leakage)
  • decant the liquid as required
  • tip the pallet towards the end of the process to ensure all the liquid is removed
  • repack the flexible IBC ready for its next use (replacement inner liners can be purchased separately)

For more information on the use and application of K-Flex flexible IBCs, call the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70 or send us an email.

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