Flexitanks that Stop your Product from Moving

The Liquatrans E-flex flexitank holds up to 24,000 litres of product inside a standard general purpose shipping container. Unlike conventional flexitanks, it not only stops the liquid from escaping, it also prevents it from moving. Because it prevents the liquid from moving, it does not require a bulkhead like conventional flexitanks. It makes the load stable and removes the liquid surge that is present in conventional flexitanks.


An example of the difference between conventional flexitanks and the Liquatrans E-flex new generation flexitank can be seen in these two videos.

The first video shows the movement of a conventional flexitank inside a shipping container when a truck brakes to a stop from 20km per hour. You can see the extent of the movement of the product and understand how container damage and leaks occur.

Please note this is not a Liquatrans "self-supporting" flexitank.

The second video shows the Liquatrans E-flex flexitank during an emergency stop from 70km per hour even with the container door open, the container facing the wrong way and no bulkhead! The product and flexitank barely move.


By preventing the product from moving, the Liquatrans E-flex flexitank

  • Minimises the risk of damage to the product
  • Minimises risk of damage to the container
  • Minimises the risk of damage to the flexitank

Ensure your product doesn’t move during transport. Choose the Liquatrans E-flex flexitank from Waterplex. Contact the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70 today.

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