Customised Water Tank Liner Solutions for Almost Any Tank

Customised water tank liners are the ideal way to both waterproof any water tank and to ensure high quality water in your rainwater tank. Waterplex Liquidity VLS rainwater tank liners are the ideal solution for your water tank because:Bessa Block Water Tank

  • Each water tank liner is fully prefabricated before being delivered to site
  • Each water tank liner is tested to be water tight before it leaves the factory
  • Each water tank liner is made to suit the exact dimensions of the rainwater tank
  • The water tank liner does not rely on "bonding" to the water tank walls or the quality of the tank wall preparation like a paint-on or applied waterproof membrane
  • An additional protective liner can be placed between the walls of the tank and the tank liner to ensure that rough or sharp edges do not damage the water proof liner
  • The liners can be made from a potable grade material suitable for contact with drinking water

Water Tank Liner in Bessa Block Tank

One of the greatest issues with underground or in house concrete water tanks is that over time there is often movement in the foundations. Applied (paint-on) membranes do not usually cope with any form of movement and, as a result, they fail. On the other hand, prefabricated flexible water tank liners are made oversize so that they allow for any movement in the tank foundations and the flexibility of the material copes with any unusual or rough finishes in the tank.

For complete “peace of mind” for your rain water tank, ask the team at Waterplex about the Liquidity VLS water tank liner solution. Call 1300 72 66 70 or email us on

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