Customised Tank Liner in a Commercial Building

Waterplex custom tank liners can convert any structurally sound void or space in a building into a potable grade water tank.

Hidden Water Tanks


Finding space for water tanks and water storage in building design is often a challenge with reducing land sizes and increased building footprints. One way to find space for a water tank and to hide it at the same time is to incorporate the water tank in the building design. Previously this was not an option due to the application difficulty and unreliability of applied water proof membranes.

Prefabricated Water Tank Liners

Prefabricated tank liners have solved this problem by:

  • Ensuring the liner is waterproof before it even leaves the factory
  • Reducing installation time and removing installation risk
  • Providing a long term waterproof solution that wont fail because it is flexible and can cope with potential tank movement or hairline cracks

Waterplex water tank liners made from potable grade materials are a reliable and superior solution because:

  • They allow for a protective liner between the tank wall and the water proof liner
  • The liner is made from a material that is exactly the same thickness over every square cm
  • The welds for the liner are checked and tested before leaving the factory
  • They are easily shipped, placed and installed through any normal manhole
  • Waterplex tank liners are made oversize to allow for water turbulence, tank imperfections and any potential tank wall movement

Hidden Water Tank

In this installation, a water tank was designed into a dividing wall of a building accessed through the building from one of the balconies. The entry to the tank is through the roof via a manhole. The tank liner was a very cost effective option and was installed in less than a day.

For more information on custom water tank liners contact the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70.

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