Custom Water Bladder Tank for Remote Location

Waterplex Reinforced Reo Sac Bladder Tank in remote North West AustraliaWater Tanks for Remote Locations

The West Australian team of a specialist irrigation group had an interesting challenge presented to them by a large mining company. They had to provide a cost effective and innovative water tank solution to supply sufficient water for a trial native plant regeneration site. The water tank storage solution had to be supplied quickly and to be easily moved from time to time.

The required water tank capacity was 20,000 litres for the site in North Western Australia in the community of Tom Price. The supply of a standard round tank would be cost prohibitive because of the freight cost and would not provide the flexibility of being able to move the water storage easily. The water storage also needed to be cyclone proof.

Custom Water Bladder Tank

Waterplex developed a water bladder tank solution with the irrigation specialists that incorporated a 20,000 litre bladder tank that could be shipped cost effectively (at a fraction of its final filled size), moved easily (if required) and be cyclone proof.

The best size was determined along with required features (fittings, UV protection covers, ground sheets etc) for the client and the bladder tank was shipped within a week of the order being received.

John, the senior irrigation specialist said “It was really rewarding to be able to design and supply a water bladder tank solution for our client within a short period of time, particularly given our location and the remoteness of the installation site. The team at Waterplex did everything we asked of them and kept us informed every step of the way”

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