Central Mining Facility Rainwater Harvesting Solution

Waterplex recently supplied a 250,000 litre commercial rainwater storage solution for a central mine accommodation facility in a mining community in the Bowen Basin in North Queensland.Bowen Basin 250,000 litre Bladder Tank Central Facility

The brief was to provide a rainwater storage tank solution under a large central mine accommodation facility that would fit within the footprint and the pier structure of the building. The rainwater storage tanks were required to be of potable quality and accredited to the drinking water standard (AS 4020) for reticulation into the mine's central facility buildings. Moreover, it needed to be a cost effective solution that could be easily transported to a remote location and installed with relative ease.

Waterplex supplied 5 x 50,000 litre water bladder tanks and provided installation services for their deployment. Each water bladder tank was installed and interconnected via a 300mm stormwater pipe and 50mm outlets manifolded together. The connection fittings and outlets were all secured in a large steel mounting plate and specially designed supporting frame. The bladders were deployed, connected and manifolded in one day.

Waterplex specialises in remote and large capacity water storage solutions. Custom designed water tank solutions can be supplied quickly and cost effectively to suit both customer and site requirements. Contact the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70 for more information on Waterplex industrial and commercial bladder tank solutions.

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