Rainwater Tanks for Difficult Access Locations

Glenda lives in a large home on a steep block. The house itself is reached via narrow access down some steps but the garden itself is approximately 100 stairs below the street. The limited access to of the site precluded using a traditional rainwater tank.

Waterplex suggested a two part water storage solution with a combined storage capacity of over 14,000 litres.AquaClad Steel Slimline Modular Water Tank 10,500 litres at Bottom of Property

Water Bladder Tank

First, an eco sac® water bladder tank was installed under the garage just below street level providing 3650 litres of rainwater capacity. While this was useful, it was not enough water to meet Glenda’s needs.

Steel Slimline Modular Water Tank

The second part of the solution was the installation of two AquaClad® flat-pack modular steel slimline water tanks. The modular tanks were the perfect solution becuase the component parts could easily be carried down the stairs to the final water tank location. The steel slimline tank was then assembled on-site to fit snugly under an existing deck to provide another 10,500 litres of rainwater storage.


Both the steel slimline water tank and the bladder water tank were interconnected so that once full, the eco sac® bladder tank overflowed into the AquaClad® slimline tanks at the bottom of the property. The pump was also interconnected to both the eco sac® and the AquaClad® so that both the bladder tank and the steel slimline tanks act as a single 14,150 litre rainwater tank to deliver water to the garden. So Glenda’s water needs have been met and her garden can continue to grow and thrive - with a little help from the team at Waterplex.

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The Waterplex Group are specialists in producing innovative solutions for storing & harvesting water without taking up all of your valuable space around the home. Waterplex are a leading provider of water tanks in Australia and we have been part of the Australian water industry for over 10 years. We have built up a reliable national network of resellers and highly experienced installers that deliver a "supply and install" solution that is second to none.

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