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Low Profile Underground Water Tanks

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Low Profile Underground Rainwater Tanks

Underground water tanks are the ideal water storage solution for sites with limited space or where you want to hide your water storage. The LoPro underground rainwater tank is a German designed and engineered water storage solution ideally suited to the Australian market. In fact, the LoPro underground water tank is so strong it has more than double the warranty of most underground water tanks at 15 years.LiLo Underground Water Tank Installation Schematic

Maximise Water Storage

It is a low profile incredibly strong tank that minimises the requirement for excavation while providing peace of mind knowing that you have one of the most robust underwater water storage solutions available. The rectangular shape ensures that you achieve the maximum amount of storage for the available foot print while the rounded sections with ribbing provide maximum strength.

The LoPro underground tank is available in three convenient sizes that you can join together to allow almost any combination of tanks to achieve whatever storage requirement you have

LoPro underground rainwater tank options include:

  • A double wall PE lid with a child proof lock
  • An internal stainless steel filter within the tank that can handle roof areas of up to 350m² (so you won’t need to have unsightly rain heads on each downpipe)
  • A telescopic dome shaft that can be lengthened or shortened in a continuous manner between 220mm and 550mm

LoPro Underground Water Tank Size Table

A “car module” (Class B125/DIN EN124) that includes a cast cover and cast frame to be used in conjunction with the telescopic lid

Call the team at Waterplex today on 1300 72 66 70 to discuss your underground tank requirements and to get a price on the LoPro underground rainwater tank for your application.

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