Bagel 5,000 lt

Bagel Toroid Underground Tank

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Underground tanks are the perfect solution for limited space applications or where you want to hide your rainwater tank.

Waterplex polyethylene underground water tanks can be used as:

  • a rainwater tank for irrigation or reticulation back into the home to meet local, state and federal requirements or guidelines
  • a detention tank for rain water to meet local council building requirements
  • a retention tank to hold water to meet local council requirements

The Bagel underground water tank has a capacity of 5,000 litres and is an ideal solution where there is limited space or where you want to hide your rainwater tank because:


  • it is very cost competitive when compared with other polyethylene underground water tanks
  • it is low profile and is therefore faster, easier and cheaper to install than high profile underground water tanks
  • low profile underground tanks do not require fencing or shoring of the excavated area if the excavation is less than 1500mm (1.5m). The Donut underground water tank is only 1200mm high (1.2m) and can be installed with a minimum excavation of 1400mm
  • it is accredited to the polyethylene water tank manufacturing standard (AS4766)
  • it is accredited to the septic tank standard for the burial of water tanks underground (AS1546.1).
  • it can be installed at any stage in the building process
  • it is relatively light weight to allow for on-site movement and relatively straight forward installation
  • it can be easily combined with other Toroid underground water tanks to achieve almost any required capacity
  • it is suitable for installation in load bearing applications
  • it is one of the few approved underground watertanks by Housing NSW for installation in state government housing estates.
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