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Rectangular Water Tanks

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Waterplex Rectangular Steel Slimline Tanks

The new Waterplex “Edge” rectangular corrugated steel slimline water tank is the perfect solution to maximise water storage in the space available for your water tank.

Rectangular Water Tank Cropped

Unlike traditional corrugated steel slimline water tanks, the straight line “Edge” corrugated steel slimline water tank has straight ends that are only slightly curved because of the innovative use of tight radius curves on the tank corners. This in turn allows water storage to be maximised for the available space.

In fact, the only way to store more water in the available space is to install a Waterplex “AquaClad” slimline modular tank which has true 90° corners.

The Waterplex “Edge” corrugated steel rectangular slimline water tank is available in more than 4,000 sizes in Zincalume® or any of the Colorbond® colours. The “Edge” rectangular steel slimline tank can be used as an on-site detention (OSD) tank, water retention tank or for traditional rainwater harvesting. Orifice plate fittings can be easily installed in the water tank during the manufacturing process.

All in One Water Tanks including Pump and Mains Controller

An all-in-one rectangular water tank option is also available where the pump, mains water changeover device and pipes are pre-installed so the rectangular water tank can be simply placed on the slab (we will even place it there for you!), connected to the plumbing lines, plugged in and it is ready to go.

For more information on the rectangular corrugated steel slimline tank, contact the team at Waterplex by email or on 1300 72 66 70.

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