Modular Slimline

The latest innovation in modular slimline water tanks is the new AquaClad® steel slimline tank

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The greatest challenges in buying and installing a rainwater tank is finding the right size for the space you have available. The next greatest challenge is locating the tank in the place it needs to be!

You should consider an AquaClad® modular steel slimline water tank if you:

  • have limited space available
  • need to maximise your water storage in the space you have available
  • have difficult access to get a traditional tank to its end location.
  • want a tank made with steel from Bluescope® steel. 

Slimline Steel Modular Tanks

The large range of AquaClad® steel slimline tanks means there is a good chance that you will find the right size to fit your space. Furthermore, because they are modular tanks there are many more sizes available than in the standard size list. Not only are AquaClad® slimline tanks modular but they are delivered in a flat pack format so they can be easily walked into the site and be easily assembled in their final destination.

Superior Modular Slimline Water Tanks

The AquaClad® modular slimline tank made from Bluescope® steel is the superior water tank because:

  • It is delivered flat-packed so that the component parts can be easily located to where you want to install it
  • it is easy and cheap to transport because it is a fraction of its final assembled size
  • it has the strongest possible structural frame using single piece folded structural steel (there are no welds or manual fabrication of the structural frame)
  • it can be extended at any time to increase capacity (a new liner can be supplied at a relatively low cost)
  • it can store more water than a similar sized traditional slimline tanks because of its rectangular shape
  • it is available in Bluescope® galvanised steel, Zincalume® or any Colorbond® colour.
  • you can clad your AquaClad® modular slimline water tank in almost any material of your choice by simply attaching it to the external frame.
  • it is lined with Waterplex's superior Liquidity VLS® potable (drinking water quality) liner accredited to AS/NZS 4020 (PDF)
  • there are no external bolts on any of the walls or panels – it looks great!
  • you can choose where you want your fittings and we will make the tank according to your needs
  • it is bolted together with the "aquabolt" to ensure sturdiness.

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