Round Garden Beds

Round Raised Garden Beds

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Round raised garden beds are good looking and space saving if you are looking for raised garden beds without giving up too much of your garden. Use the garden bed selector below and follow the easy steps for choosing the right garden bed for you. Or you can choose your size and work out the price using the Raised Garden Bed Brochure, Size and Price List (PDF) (378 Kb). 

How to Select Your Raised Garden Bed

Go through the following steps to select your raised garden bed from Waterplex

Step 1: Select the Garden Bed Shape

Waterplex garden beds are available in slimline and round shapes. Choose the shape that best suits your home.

Step 2: Select the Garden Bed Size

You may already know what size of garden bed you are looking for. Whether you do or not you can use our garden bed size selection tool below to find the right size for your garden.

Step 3: Decide if you Need a Base in your Garden Bed

If you are installing your garden bed on a solid surface such as a concrete pad, then it might be better to choose to have a base in the garden bed.

Step 4: Choose your Garden bed colour

You can choose a colour from our base range of galvanised steel, Colorbond® Pale Eucalypt® or Paperbark®. Alternatively you can choose other painted Colorbond® finishes for a small additional charge.

Step 5: Decide on the height of your garden bed

Remember to allow additional height if you plan to recess it into your garden or lawn (typically 15cm if you bury the tank approximately two corrugations)

Step 6: Decide on drainage options for your garden bed

The bottom of your garden bed should be filled with some form of drainage material. Commonly used materials include gravel, old bricks or tiles

Round Steel Raised Garden Bed Size and Colour Selector

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