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Under Deck Poly Water Tanks

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Under deck water tanks are an ideal way to store water in a poly water tank in an out of sight location.

Low profile under deck water tanks are unique in their design and strength because they take the concept of a slimline water tank along the side of a house - and put it on its side!

The benefits of installing an under deck water tank are:

  • they are made from food grade plastic to the Australian water tank standard (AS4766)
  • the plastic is UV stabilised so you don't need to be concerned about plastic breakdown
  • your rainwater storage is completely enclosed (under your deck) so you do not have to be concerned about water quality or mosquitoes
  • they may be able to collect more downpipes than traditional rainwater tanks alongside a home

Waterplex offers under deck water tanks at three different heights to allow you to maximise your water storage under your home or deck. Multiple tanks can be linked together to increase capacity - and they do not even have to be side by side.

The size and colour availability of under deck water tanks may vary from city to city. They are not available in all states. Call us on 1300 72 66 70 to find out if we can deliver an underdeck water tank to you.

Use the tank size selector below to find the right size water tank to go under your deck or call the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70 and we will help you find the under deck water tank to meet your needs.

Alternatively, Waterplex offers the largest range of underdeck bladder tanks if more water storage is required.

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