Flexitank Bladders for Bulk Liquid Storage

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Flexitank Bulk Storage

Finding a cost effective solution for very short term storage of liquids can be difficult. Due to the weight and properties of large volumes of liquid, bladder tanks must be made from high grade reinforced materials that can withstand the forces involved and do so over a reasonable period of time. High grade materials can be very expensive.


One very cost effective short term (up to two years) bladder tank storage solution is flexitanks. Flexitanks are a known and proven single use solution for shipping bulk liquids around the world while being able to withstand the forces associated with the shipment of large volumes of liquid.

Liqua is a leading manufacturer of transportable flexitanks and manufactures short-term (up to 2 years) large capacity storage bladder tanks. Individual bladder tanks can be made up to 75,000 litres and then manifolded together to allow larger storage capacities. For example, combining 14 x 75kl bladder tanks a storage capacity of more than 1 million litres can be achieved at a saving of up to 70% on conventional large capacity bladder tanks.

Liquatrans bulk storage flexitanks are available in a number of different widths and lengths for anywhere between 5,000 litres and 75,000 litres. The materials used in the bladder tanks can be changed to suit the liquid from food grade liquid storage (for products such as wines and edible oils) to waste products such as leachate and used oils.

For more information of the range of Liqua bulk storage flexitanks contact the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70.

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