Customised Bladder Tanks

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The team at Waterplex can make custom bladder tanks to fit almost any available space. To customise your solution we will:

  • determine the most appropriate product configuration (framed or reinforced bladder tank)
  • determine the most appropriate material to be used based on the bladder tank configuration, the use of the water and the type of water to be stored (for example, it may be drinking water or contaminated water)
  • determine the most appropriate fittings as an extensive range of fittings may be used with bladder tanks.
  • work with you to determine the most appropriate fittings location to meet your water storage needs and your site.

Bladder tanks can be uesed for swimming pool balance tanks. Waterplex can work with your pool designer, builder or plumber to determine the best location, ideal fittings configuration and material for your swimming pool balance bladder tank.

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