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Rainwater tank stands are a simple but effective solution to the challenges you may face in the installation of a rainwater tank:

  • Rainwater tank stands provide a stable and effective base for a rainwater tank where it may be difficult to set the rainwater tank directly on the ground. This might be due to the soil composition, site limitations or any number of restrictions.
  • Putting a rainwater tank on a stand increases the height of the overflow of the water tank. This can be especially useful where some additional height is required to get the water to overflow naturally to stormwater.
  • If you do not want to install a pump with a rainwater tank, then putting a tank on a water tank stand will provide some natural water pressure. Remember that water pressure created by raising a tank on a relatively low tank stand will never be the same as mains water pressure.

Why Buy a Waterplex Rainwater Tank or Garden Bed Stand?

Make sure you buy a rainwater tank stand from a reputable company. Remember that 1,000 litres of rainwater weighs one tonne. So 5,000 litres of rainwater weighs five tonnes, plus the weight of the water tank and the tank stand. It is critical that your tank stand can withstand the weight of the rainwater and the tank.

Waterplex has a range of rainwater tank stands that will suit our tanks of up to 5,000 litres capacity and are superior because:

  • they are galvanised to minimise any risk of rust
  • they are made with a heavy gauge steel frame that is engineered to hold the full weight of the water tank.
  • The tank stand decking is long lasting, treated timber that provides a flat and even surface.

Tank and Garden Bed Stand Options

You can choose from any of the following options for your Waterplex rainwater tank stand:

  • the tank stand legs can be fitted with steel plate feet (measuring 50mm x 100mm x 3mm) to allow the stand to be attached to a concrete slab if required
  • the length of each of the tank stand legs can be specified to a maximum of 400mm

Tank and Garden Bed Stand Shapes and Sizes

The range of Waterplex tank stands comes in a number of standard shapes and sizes. For more information call the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70.

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