Pallet Spill Bunds

Pallet Spill Bunds

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Pallet Bunding Trays

Waterplex offers a range of spill containment trays designed to be used as bunds for capturing spills from drums. The containment trays can be used for temporary emergency storage or for long term storage and use. The steel platform tray makes the drums easily accessible with forklifts and removes the need to lift the drums up and over the edge of the bunding tray.

Description Dimensions (mm) Capacity (litres) Features
Single Bunding Tray 975W x 830D x 345H 260 Designed for 1 x 200 lt drum
Double Bunding Tray 1300W x 750D x 270H 260 Designed for 2 x 200 lt drums
Triple Bunding Tray 1900W x 750D x 180H 250 Designed for 3 x 200 lt drums
Quadruple Bunding Tray 1310W x 1230D x 185H 270 Designed for 4 x 200 lt drums

Waterplex spill containment drums are ideal for:

  • Chemical storage
  • Paint storage
  • Oil and lubricant storage
  • Temporary spill containment
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