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K Flex Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) - K Flex Flexible IBC

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The K Flex flexible intermediate bulk container takes the idea of steel framed rigid plastic IBCs and removes the rigid tank and steel frame while still retaining the structural integrity to transport up to 1,000 litres of liquid. 

This world leading flexible IBC (intermediate bulk container) offers the following unique advantages:

  • unlike other IBC's, this flexible intermediate bulk container packs to a fraction of its original size and can be easily stored until required
  • while designed for single use, some components are reusable to reduce the cost even further
  • the ability to stack these flexible IBCs to utilise all available space in shipping containers or trucks
  • they are easy to erect, fill and discharge
  • they can be recycled
  • they pack to a fraction of the assembled size so they can be carried as "tanks" to use if a liquid transport back load opportunity arises at any time

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Technical Summary  

The following is a summary of the technical data for the K Flex IBC:

  • Volume: up to 1,000 litres  
  • All materials are certified as Food Grade  
  • Filling and Discharge : Top fill and discharge
  • Two ply PE liquid film + PP fabric outer  
  • Dimensions : 1050 wide x 1050mm long x 970mm high
  • Valve : PP 2" or 3" UM        

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