Truck Flexitank

Self Supporting Reinforced Flexitank - The New and Innovative Truck Bladder

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"turn almost any truck into a liquid or water transport tanker"

The world leading superior self-supporting truck flexitank is designed to carry liquid on trucks. The truck flexitank takes its design from the E Flex flexitank .

Think of all those road trips where trucks without back loads return empty to the depot. One of the greatest challenges facing any logistics transport provider is how to find paying back-loads that ensure the profitability of a trip and avoid the inefficiency of a truck returning to base without a back load.

The truck flexitank opens up new possibilities of identifying paying back loads by effectively turning any truck into a tanker that can potentially carry up to 24,000 litres (depending on the truck size) of almost any non-hazardous liquid.  

Because the truck flexitank is packed at a fraction of its final filled size, it can be carried easily as a "spare" on a truck without taking up valuable storage space. It can then be deployed and used for a paying back load to transport liquid when the opportunity arises.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of a Truck Flexitank

  • open up new marketing opportunities for paying back loads
  • turn your truck into a tanker
  • significantly increase shipping capacity per load which will result in packaging and freight savings for your customers:
    • 15% more payload than IBCs  
    • 44% more payload than drums  
    • 50% more payload than bottles  
  • reduced packaging time and therefore cost
  • reduced waste and disposal cost when compared with conventional forms of packaging
  • The T Flex flexitank is recyclable

T Flex Flexitank Technical Summary  

The following is a summary of the technical data for the T Flex flexitank:

  • Volume : 16,000 to 24,000 litres  
  • All materials are certified as Food Grade  
  • Two ply PE liquid film + PP fabric outer  
  • Dimensions : 3,050mm wide x 13,200 mm long
  • Valve : PP 2" or 3" UM        

Call the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70 to enquire about the use of T Flex self supporting flexitanks in your business.

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