40' Flexitank

L Flex Self Supporting Flexitank for 40' Containers

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The world leading superior self-supporting L Flex flexitank from Liquatrans is the first 40' shipping container flexitank that offers the following unique advantages:

  • unlike other flexitanks (other than the E Flex flexitank) (hyperlink to E Flex), the L Flex flexitank does not exert any pressure on the sides of 40' shipping containers thereby removing the risk of damaging containers or causing them to fail due to the force of the liquid on the side of the container
  • the L Flex flexitank does not require any bulkhead and therefore does not have disposal costs or waste issues related to bulkheads
  • The installation process has been simplified. This has historically been the greatest risk area in the use of a flexitank. The L Flex can be installed easily by one person in two minutes (traditional flexitanks with bulkheads can take up to 40 minutes with two people)  
  • the L Flex flexitank is available in sizes from 16,000 litres to 24,000 litres and enables the use of 40' shipping containers where 20' shipping containers are not available.

L Flex Flexitank Benefits for your business

The benefits to your business of using an L Flex flexitank are:

  • significantly increased shipping capacity per container load:
    • 15% more payload than IBCs  
    • 44% more payload than drums  
    • 50% more payload than bottles  
  • reduced installation cost
  • reduced waste and disposal cost (no bulkhead to be disposed of or shipped back to origin)
  • reduced installation risk - much simpler than standard flexitanks
  • reduced risk of damaging containers because it is self supporting and does not exert any pressure on the external walls
  • the selection criteria for containers is relaxed (due to the self supporting flexitank) meaning that a higher percentage of containers can be used with the L Flex flexitank
  • The L Flex flexitank is recyclable

L Flex Flexitank Technical Summary  

The following is a summary of the technical data for the L Flex flexitank:

  • Volume : 16,000 to 24,000 litres  
  • All materials are certified as Food Grade  
  • Filling And Discharge : bottom fill with PE bonnet
  • Two ply PE liquid film + PP fabric outer  
  • Dimensions : 2,900mm wide x 6,400 mm long
  • Valve : PP 2" or 3" UM        

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