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Dry Bulk Shipping Container Liners

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Dry bulk shipping container liners are the ideal solution for the bulk shipping of materials in order to reduce cost and move materials in bulk closer to their final point of use or distribution.

Single use dry bulk container liners are also ideal where it is important that the material being shipped is isolated and protected from external environmental factors.

Dry bulk shipping container liners are available for:

  • 20' shipping containers
  • 40' shipping containers 

Dry bulk liners are made either from specially blown polyethylene liner fabric or woven polypropylene fabric. Waterplex dry bulk liners are approved to food grade standards for contact with goods fit for human consumption. They can also be used for chemicals as well as food stuffs.

Benefits of Dry Bulk Shipping container Liners

The benefits to your business of using Waterplex dry bulk liners for shipping containers are:

  • bulk transportation with minimal packaging
  • safe and hygienic transportation of goods
  • protection from contamination
  • dust control
  • custom design to meet any specific needs or requirements for the transport of goods

Loading and Discharging Mechanisms for Dry Bulk Shipping Container Liners

The loading and discharge requirements for dry bulk liners vary from site to site and by type of material. The loading and unloading facilities at the dispatch and receiving locations are the primary determinant of the type of loading and discharge mechanism for the dry bulk liner.

Call the team at Waterplex to discuss your loading and discharge requirements and we will advise the best solution for the dry bulk liner fittings to meet your needs and provide a price accordingly.

Dry Bulk Liner Technical Summary  

The following is a summary of the technical data for Dry Bulk Liners:

  • All materials are certified as Food Grade  
  • Standard filling: Open top, Spout top, Skirt top
  • Standard discharge: Flat bottom, Spout bottom, Total discharge

Call the team at Waterplex 1300 72 66 70 to enquire about the use of Dry Bulk Shipping Container Liners in your business.

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