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Water Tanks to Protect your Home

Enclosed water tank liners are the ideal solution where condensation or evaporation may be an issue with water storage. If a water tank is in an area under a wooden floor (bearer and joist construction) enclosed tank liners are an ideal solution to prevent evaporation or condensation issues on the underside of the floor.

Enclosed water tank liners are also ideal where water quality is important and it is not appropriate for the water to be exposed to the environment.

Tank Liners Customised to fit your Space

An enclosed tank liner is made to the shape of the available space. The installation and attachment of an enclosed water tank liner depends on the site, the area where it is being installed and the size and shape of the liner.

The team at Waterplex has extensive experience in the design and installation of enclosed tank liners. If you are interested in an enclosed tank liner solution, call the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70 for more information and a quote.

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