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Rainwater Harvesting Control Switch - Davey Rainbank®

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The Davey Rainbank® is a very good rainwater water control switch that is sold with a range of Davey above ground and submersible pumps. It is not available for sale separately but must be bought as part of a rainwater pump package. 

Rainwater Harvesting Control Switch Benefits

The Davey Rainbank® has the following benefits when used as a part of a rainwater harvesting and water tank installation:

  • it will continue to supply water into the home even when there is no power
  • The Davey Rainbank® only operates when water is required. This means it does not use power when it is not delivering rainwater
  • The Davey Rainbank® complies with the requirements of AS/NZS3500 Plumbing Code. By connecting the unit in compliance with the instructions and the Australian / New Zealand Plumbing Code you are ensuring the integrity of your potable supply. The electrical items in the Rainbank® are also approved and manufactured to ensure your safety.
  • the Davey Rainbank® is WaterMark approved under license WMKA 22042
  • the Davey Rainbank® has a non return valve that ensures that rainwater cannot be mixed with the mains water supply

Waterplex sells and recommends the Davey Rainbank® Rainwater Harvesting Controller.

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