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In Ground First Flush Devices

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In-ground first flush diverters are ideal for sloping land or if you want to hide the first flush device. By having an in-ground first flush device you can potentially have much greater first flush capacity without the issues of the weight of the first flush water or having to provide secondary supports.

In-ground first flush systems are supplied in kit form. The only thing not included in the kit is the length of pipe that determines the amount of water to be diverted.

In Ground First Flush Devices for Wet Systems

They are also ideal for tanks that have been installed with a wet system i.e. where the pipe work would normally hold water from one rainfall to the next so that if the time between rainfalls is significant then the water in the pipes has the potential to become stagnant.

For more information on In-Ground first flush devices contact the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70.

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