Triple Action Filters

Triple Action Rainwater Filters

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Triple Action Rainwater Filters

Triple action rainwater filters should be installed where rainwater is being used inside the home. The most common use of rainwater in the home is for toilet flushing or in the laundry.

Triple Action Water Filter Benefits

A triple action rainwater filter system filters very fine sediment (down to 15 microns), colour and odour in the one cartridge. The benefits of using a triple action filter include:

  • protecting your laundry and washing machine from discoloured or tainted water
  • protecting your internal appliances from any possible debris in the water (down to 15 microns)
  • reducing potential discolouration of toilet bowls

Triple Action Water Filter Features

The range of triple action water filters include the following features:

  • the cartridges are resistant to bacterial attack
  • the cartridges have over 7 times more surface area than traditional cartridge filters (increased dirt capacity and longer cartridge life)
  • pleated cartridge design which optimises filtration efficiency and flow rates through the water filter cartridge. This also allows pumps to operate at full pressure without restriction.

Triple Action Water Filter Available Sizes

The triple action water filters are available in two sizes:

10" Triple Action Rain Water Filter

The 10" triple action rainwater filter is ideal when rain water tanks are being used to supply water for laundry use and for toilet flushing.

20" Triple Action Rain Water Filter

The 20" triple action rain water filter is suitable for when rainwater is being used for "whole of house" water supply including external irrigation or multiple internal appliances such as washing machines, hot water systems etcetera.

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