Sediment Filters

Sediment Rainwater Filters

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Sediment rainwater filters are designed and recommended for outside water use to filter sediments down to 80 microns. If you are looking for a rainwater filter that filters down to 15 microns, then you should use a Triple Action Water Filter. This is recommended for inside water use.

Why Should I use a Rainwater Sediment Filter?

You should always use pre-filtration (such as rain heads and first flush diverters) to remove large debris before the rain enters your water tank. However small particles of debris may still enter the rainwater tank and then be drawn by the pump into your supply line. You should use a sediment water filter:

  • to remove debris particles that may have gone through any pre-filtration you have installed
  • to protect your pump and prevent the blockage of sprinkler heads
  • to prevent debris from entering any high pressure cleaning pipes
  • to provide cleaner water for external use (for example if you are using your tank water to top up your pond or swimming pool)
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