Rain Heads – Upgrade screen

Upgrade Screens are now available for the Rainwater Harvesting Leaf Eater® and Leaf Beater® Products

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If your rainwater harvesting system was installed with the original Leaf Eater or Leaf Beater rain heads then you will not have the benefit of the latest in Cleanshield® technology for the advanced shedding of debris.

For a small investment you can easily upgrade your Leaf Eater and Leaf Beater rain heads with the new single piece upgrade screen.

Benefits of Upgrading the Original Leaf Eater or Leaf Beater Rain head Screens

The benefits of upgrading your Leaf Eater or Leaf Beater original rain heads to include the new screen are:

  • the new screen is a simpler single screen (as opposed to the original two screens) that better sheds any debris that lands on it
  • the new screen enhances rainwater catchment efficiency by quickly deflecting debris so the debris does not interfere with the flow of rain water to the tank
  • they require minimal maintenance and provide superior performance
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