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Leaf Catcha Rainhead

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The rain head Leaf Catcha is a leaf and debris catcher with an internal debris & mosquito stainless steel screen.

The Leaf Catcha rain head is ideal for low rainfall, low leaf areas and is available in white but can be painted almost any colours.

Because the Leaf Catcha rain head screen is horizontal it needs to be inspected more regularly than other rain heads. In higher rainfall areas or where there is likely to be a reasonable amount of leaf debris, we would recommend either a Leaf Eater or a Leaf Beater rain head.

A Leaf Catcha is an ideal catchment device for directing tank overflow water to stormwater pipes (i.e. used as a 'tun' dish for overflow or outlet pipes).

The Leaf Catcha fits both 90mm and 100mm round downpipes and standard plumbing adaptors can be used to fit to other downpipes.

For more information on the Leaf Catcha Rainhead, call the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70.

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