Rain Heads – Filter Pits

Filter Pits and Overflow Pits for Rainwater Storage Systems

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In some instances it is not practical to fit rain heads under roof gutters or on a wall to pre-filter water headed for water tanks. Filter Pits enable screening to be performed at a centralised pit which can be safer and easier to clean than cleaning the screens of rain heads fitted at the roof gutter.  

Filter Pits are extremely beneficial when used in conjunction with underground tanks or where tanks are placed downhill from the building. They are usually placed at a convenient spot in the garden, part way between the building and the tank and at a ‘junction’ where the pipes from around the house meet and from which the main pipe/s then connect to the storage tank. They handle large volumes of water and come standard with a 1mm insect proof stainless steel screen and an optional junk basket which incorporates a 6mm stainless steel screen.

Filter Pits require a fall between the building and the top of the tank of at least 750mm depending on the distance of the pipe run between where the pipe enters the ground at the building and the tank. This system will enable the pipes to be connected directly into the wall of the tank which leaves the top of the tank free for other uses.

Importantly, a filter pit eliminates the need for a tank screen on top of the tank. This prevents contamination of the tank water via the tank screen and reduces the amount of sunlight entering the tank thus minimising the growth of algae and other bacteria.

Water Diverters should be installed downstream of the Filter Pit to prevent the first and most contaminated water from entering the tank. Fine sediments may pass through the screen of the Filter Pit and a Water Diverter will further improve water quality.

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