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Graf Minimax Pro Filter

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The Graf Minimax Pro combines optimal water volume filtration for the minimal size of the filter. While designed to fit in the LoPro underground water storage and water detention tanks. The filter is German designed and manufactured with stainless steel componentry for long term use.

Graf Minimax Pro Schematic

The Minimax self-cleaning mosquito proof filter provides over 95% water yield with minimal maintenance. The water flowing over the 0.35mmstainless steel mesh is effectively filtered while flushing the debris into the storm water system at the same time.

In fact the Minmax is so well designed it can be used in a whole range of different rainwater harvesting filtration applications including acting as a filter and overflow for the eco sac® bladder tank range of rainwater tanks.

For ease of installation the Minimax Pro is delivered as a complete kit including:

  • Minimax PRO Filter & Housing
  • Inlet Outlet Adaptors
  • Rodent Guard
  • 2 Spannfix Collars
  • Inflow Stilling System

An optional Opticlean spray cleaning unit for the filter sieve further reduces any need for cleaning of maintenance of the sieve surface.

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