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Underground Tank Accessories

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Waterplex has a range of accessories suitable for underground tanks. The accessories are designed to ensure that underground tanks are suitable for most underground installations.

The following accessories are available:

Underground Tank 100mm PVC BSP Coupling

Fitted to the interconnection foot when the option of interconnecting or retention / detention is required.

Underground Tank 100mm Swivel Joint

It is critical that a 100mm swivel joint be placed close to the tank to absorb any ground pressure exerted onto the pipe work. Using a swivel joint will minimize uneven loading on the tank fittings.

Underground Tank 100mm Backflow Valve

Placed in the tank's overflow, a backflow prevention valve will stop storm water back flowing into the tank.

Underground Tank Cone Riser

The cone riser can be used both to raise the tank’s inlet height and also in situations where the final site level is unknown. Work can continue around the site and the final adjustments can be made after all site work is complete.

Adjustable Collar

Adjustable collar and lockable lid. The collar can be used when minor alterations on either a horizontal or vertical axis are required and to ensure that the inlet is flush with the ground, irrespective of varying installation situations.

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