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Rainwater Tank Water Level Gauges and indicators

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If you are relying on rainwater for irrigation around your home or perhaps for use inside your home, then you will want to know how much rainwater you have in your water tank at any given time.

You may want to adjust the amount of rainwater you are re-using to make it last longer if you can see that the water level is dropping and you know that there is no immediate forecast for rain.

Traditionally, the way to work out the water level in a rainwater tank has been to either look into the top of the tank or to "rap" your knuckles on the side of the tank until you can guestimate where the water level is. The old ways of determining water levels may not be convenient (depending on where your water tank is located) or safe.

The best way to know exactly how much is in your tank at any time is to use a mechanical water tank gauge. These water tank guages allow you to see how much water is in your tank so that you can use it widely and they are a relatively cheap accessory. 

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