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Waterplex manufactures protective covers for the eco sac® rainwater bladder tank range. Each protective cover has been designed to perfectly cover and protect the eco sac®.

The water bladder tank protective covers are designed to be used when your eco sac® bladder tank is sitting under a deck or slightly open area and you want to keep it looking pristine for longer. Protective covers are particularly important if your bladder tank is exposed to any UV sunlight.

Do I need a protective cover for my water bladder tank?

You should consider a protective cover for your water bladder tank if:

  • it is exposed to any ultra violet (UV) light
  • it is under an open deck through which sharp objects might fall and potentially damage the bladder tank (including cigarette butts)
  • you oil your deck while your bladder tank is underneath as most oils and deck coatings have properties harmful to bladder tanks
  • you have pets that may crawl over or around your eco sac bladder tank (please note that a protective cover is not a guarantee against damage from your pet).
  • you want peace of mind to know that you have protected your rainwater storage from potential damage

How is an eco sac bladder tank protective cover different from a normal tarp?

You can use a normal tarp to cover your bladder tank if you want to. But you should consider an eco sac® protective cover for the following reasons:

  • the covers are fully shaped and gusseted to fit your eco sac (we actually had one of Australia's leading sail makers design it for us!)
  • the protective covers have "buckle and clip" webbing straps at each leg and around the inlet and outlet fittings to ensure it is secure in the strongest of winds
  • each protective cover has a modular design format so that the component pieces are "zipped" together using a large gauge robust zip. This is particularly important to ensure that any water that falls through your deck drains away and does not create a breeding area for mosquitoes
  • the material used in the eco sac bladder tank protective cover is highly UV resistant (the same material as used by a number of leading sail makers) and is flame retardant (in case of cigarette butts falling through the deck)
  • they are really great value! For a fraction of the price of your installed bladder tank, you can have peace of mind knowing it is protected by a custom made protective cover.

Call the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 60 70 to ask about available sizes (not all sizes have protective covers available) and prices.

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