Whole of Roof

Industrial Whole of Roof Filters

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In some rainwater harvesting applications it is possible to install a central "whole of roof" filter which filters rainwater supplied from a number of down pipes that then feed into a central pipe for delivery to the filter.

A whole of roof filter needs to be sized to ensure it can cope with the flow rate governed by the size of the roof area being harvested.

The advantages of a centralised whole of roof filter include:

  • less maintenance with a single unit (in some cases these units may also have self-cleaning mechanisms)
  • it is a sealed unit so that water and debris are not splashed around the immediate area
  • lower cost depending on the number of down pipes delivering water to the filter

The team at Waterplex can advise you on whether this rainwater filter system is suitable for your application. We have a range of whole of roof filters that can provide filtration for roof areas ranging from 100m² to 2350m². Call the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70

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