20' Flexitank

20' Flexitank with Bulkhead

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Waterplex has a range of flexitank solutions including the original conventional flexitank. The original flexitank format is a polyethylene PE flexitank with a reinforced polypropylene outer. This configuration requires that the flexitank is supporting by the sides of the shipping container and that a reinforced bulkhead is installed. 

The bulkhead is required to withstand the force of the liquid being transported as the container doors will not withstand that force.

Conventional Flexitank Features

The main features of conventional flexitanks include:

  • internal layer design using Food-Grade 125 micron polyethylene
  • outer layer of exceptionally strong and durable polypropylene fabric
  • suitablity for most food products and non-hazardous chemicals
  • sizes ranging from 16,000 litres to 24,000 litres  
  • no cleaning or disposal costs
  • ablity to be loaded faster than conventional forms of packaging
  • ability to maximise payload due to the lightweight nature of the flexitank

C Flex Flexitank Technical Summary  

The following is a summary of the technical data for the Waterplex conventional flexitank:

  • Volume : 16,000 to 24,000 litres  
  • All materials are certified as Food Grade  
  • Filling And Discharge : Bottom 750 mm.  
  • Four ply PE liquid film + PP fabric outer
  • Dimensions : 4,000mm wide x 7,400 mm long
  • Valve : PP 2" or 3" UM  

Call the team at Waterplex 1300 72 60 70 to enquire about the use of the conventional flexitanks in your business.

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