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Whole of Roof Rainwater Filtration

Filtration of rainwater prior to entering a rainwater tank is the key to good quality rainwater. Often the location of a tank or the filtration requirements may mean that unsightly fittings need to be installed on the walls of a home or even worse still at each of the downpipes. For example, in the worst case, there might be a first flush diverter and rain head installed at each down pipe.Central Whole of Roof Filtration

Centralised Low Maintenance Rainwater Filtration

An alternative solution to unsightly rainwater filtration fittings on each down pipe or on the side of the home is a centralised whole of roof filter that may be installed out of sight. The reasons a whole of roof filter might be a good solution for a rainwater harvesting system are:

  • It may able to be installed out of sight (under the home or in the tank)
  • It may be more cost-effective if only one unit is required rather than rain heads on multiple down pipes
  • They are low maintenance and may be able to be installed to self-flush when the water tank is fullIn Line Whole of Roof Filtration

Whole of roof filters for domestic applications can filter water from roof sizes up to 500m² while central filters for commercial applications can handle up to 2,350m². The suitability of a central whole of roof rainwater filter depends on the building design and the site. Whole of roof filters can also be combined with domestic first flush and commercial first flush devices.

For advice on the optimal pre-filtration solution for your home or building design, contact the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70.

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