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What to Look for When Buying Rainwater Tanks

With the abundance of water tanks for sale in the market, some consumers may find it a bit difficult to decide which one to buy. The demand for rainwater tanks has prompted an increase in the supply of these products, and thus you may find yourself struggling to decide which one among the many choices is the right one for you.

What to look for when buying rainwater tanks

Apart from their material, sizes and shapes, is there a difference between one tank and another? Which one should you purchase to get your money’s worth? To help you in your rainwater tank purchase, here’s a guide on what you should look for.

1. Durability

Buying a rainwater tank is an investment that should last you years. In fact, a durable tank is expected to last at least 20 years. Because of this you should make sure that you get a high quality product for your home. Be sure the tank you get is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, especially if it will be installed above ground. The durability of the tank would depend on the type of material used, with steel considered as the most durable. This makes steel water tanks the favourite choice for many, especially those in the harsh Australian outback.

The inlet mesh is also a factor that you should look into when considering the tank’s durability. It should be tight-fitting and not get easily damaged so animals can’t pry it open, light won’t seep in, and water won’t be lost through evaporation.

2. Excellent Workmanship

Check that the tank doesn’t have any visual defects such as cracking or crazing. For Poly tanks, among the several things that you should watch out for are: bubbles, foreign inclusions, and an orange peel on the interior surface of the tank. All these signs point to poor workmanship and would risk the quality of the water stored in it. Steer clear from poor quality tanks and only get those that display excellent workmanship and are manufactured to the Australian standard including UV protected material.

3. Aquaplate Lining

While many rainwater tanks available today are lined with Aquaplate, there are still those that are not. Be sure the one that you get has the Aquaplate lining. This food grade polymer lines the interior of the tank and prevents “water to metal contact”, thus maintaining the quality of the water inside it. Aside from having the water inside the tank unaffected by the components found in metal, this barrier also prolongs the life span of the tank itself. This is because the metal is protected from elements found in water that may contribute to its deterioration.

Whether you’re looking for square, round or slimline water tanks, these are the top factors that you need to consider when buying one. By making sure the rainwater tank you get has these three features, you’re guaranteed to have a tank that will safely and effectively store your rainwater, and last you a couple of decades.

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