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Waterplex Launches Graf Underground Tanks

Graf Carat Underground Tank Installation

Graf Carat underground tanks are German designed and manufactured rock-solid tanks suitable for rainwater retention and detention and can also be used for sewage and waste water. The really clever part of these tanks is that they are delivered in two halves so they can be man-handled to site and are straight forward to assemble. Available in capacities of 2700, 3750, 4800 and 6500 litres, they are very cost effective to ship, relatively easy to handle on site, can be trafficable if required and come with a world beating 18 year warranty. Read more.

Carat Modular SystemAvailable in four different sizes, the Graf Carat tanks can be easily interconnected to meet those tricky capacity requirements. And there are plenty of options to maximize the types of applications they can be used for:

  • Trafficable options (pedestrian and vehicular)
  • Riser domes to allow for varying installation depths depending on sites
  • Low maintenance internal filtration options
  • Low maintenance external filtration options
  • Variable inlet / outlet diameters
  • Internal floating outlet options (choke drain)
  • Ability to be used as detention tanks with external orifice plates
  • Ability to be used as septic tank with internal baffles and variable fitting locations

For more information on the Graf Carat underground tank range, download the brochure here or contact the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70.

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