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Waterplex launches Graf Modular Tank and Infiltration Solutions

GRAF_PR_EcoBloc_15x10_rgb_300dpiThe Graf EcoBloc tank system is the latest in underground modular tank systems for medium to large capacity underground water storage with infinite variability in dimensions and storage capacity. With a service life of over 50 years the Graf EcoBloc system is available in three models and can be mixed and matched with a range of accessories allowing for access, inspection and filtration. The system is suitable for rainwater retention or detention, storm water management or simply as an infiltration system. Supplied flat packed, it is cost efficient to ship (up to 600m3 of storage in a single truck) and is easily and quickly assembled on site. Read more.

The three models of the EcoBloc underground tanking system are:

  • EcoBloc Light - solution for lighter load bearing applications up to 12 tons
  • EcoBloc Maxx – solution for heavy load bearing applications up to 40 tons
  • EcoBloc Inspect Flex – a variation of EcoBloc Maxx but allowing for inspection and jet cleaning as required

The EcoBloc system is designed to provide maximum strength with optimal storage capacity (up to 97% of volume with the EcoBloc Light system). The system is supplied as a complete solution along with requireecobloc installedd linings and can be quoted as supply only or supply and install.

In additon to the primary storage modules, the systems can be supplied with a range of options including:

  • Access and inspection modules
  • Trafficable access lids – both pedestrian and vehicular
  • Infiltration inlet modules with inlet diameters up to 300mm
  • Internal and external filtration solutions
  • Telescopic dome shafts (both pedestrian and vehicular loading

Based on the available space, site limitations, required capacity and tank application, an EcoBloc modular tank configurator is prepared for each project to meet required specifications. For more information on the EcoBloc system, download the brochure or contact the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70.

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