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Rainwater Tanks in South Australia for Water Conservation

ABS Report on Household Water Consumption and Conservation Actions in South Australia

Sept 2011

A recent article from the Australian Bureau of Statistics tracks the trends for water usage inside and outside the home by South Australian consumers.Rainwater Drop on Grass

It notes that the use of rainwater from water tanks was a primary water saving method reported by South Australia's households in the twelve months to 2010. It provided the main source of water supply for bathing and showering in 12% of households (compared with 6% nationally) and for the washing of clothes, 12% compared with 7% nationally.

The use of rainwater for washing clothes was mainly confined to households outside of capital cities. For example, 41% of households outside of Adelaide used this method compared with just 2% in the city. Nationally the corresponding proportions were 15% (outside capital cities) and 7% (in capital cities).

Rainwater from tanks became more prominent for outdoor watering in South Australia, up from 8% in 2007 to 15% in 2010. 'Not watering' (or relying on rain) also became a common practice, up from 9% in 2007 to 12% in 2010.

A greater proportion of Adelaide households (66%) used mains water on their gardens in 2010, compared with 45% for capital-city based households in Australia.

A copy of the full article can be read here.

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