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Primary Filtration for Rainwater Tanks

Water quality in rainwater tanks is really important - especially when the water is being used inside the home! One of the most common questions asked about rainwater tanks is “what sort of filtration is required before the water enters the tank?” The answer is actually quite straight forward. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming an inlet mesh on a tank will ensure you have clean water.Rain Harvesting Complete Picture

The right combination of pre-filtration devices is determined by the local environment around the home and the roof area where the rain is being harvested.

Rainwater Harvesting Environment

If the roof area capturing rainwater for storage is close to or under trees then filtration is required to ensure that leaves, twigs and large debris do not enter the rainwater tank. This filtration is normally some form of gutter guard and or rain head filtration. While gutter guard can be an effective solution, it is often hard to find the right gutter guard to ensure that all the debris that falls on the roof gets blown off the roof without get caught in the gutter guard. If debris does get caught in the gutter guard, then it may well break down and rot and then enter your rain water tank. Follow this link for the key things to consider in choosing the right gutter guard or leaf mesh.

Rainheads with Stainless Mesh Filters

The other option for removing large debris from the roof collection area is to separate the leaves from the water as it enters the downpipes. This can be achieved using rain heads with internal filtration. The beauty of this solution is that these rain heads require very little maintenance as the leaves are separated and pushed off the face of the rain head by wind and the moving rainwater.

First Flush Diverters and Roof Area

Roofs by their very nature and large surface area collect dust and fine debris. Even if there are no close or over hanging trees, we strongly recommend using first flush devices to divert the first rainwater on the roof that will otherwise be washing dust and debris into your rainwater tank. There should be a first flush device before each tank collecting rainwater, and depending on the configuration of the roof and down pipes there may need to be more than one first flush diverter.

The primary forms of pre-filtration are:

For more information regarding the best combination of rainwater pre-filtration for your design, please contact us or call the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70.

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