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Water Tanks: More than 5,000 Sizes & Capacities

How do you find the right size tank for the available space and the required capacity in a building or on a site? For 5,000 litres of water storage you need 5 cubic metres of space and a tank that will complement your design. Waterplex has more than 5,000 different size steel water tanks to allow you to find just the right size for your design.

Water Tanks made from Bluescope® Aquaplate® Steel

White Colorbond Steel Slimline Water Tank

Finding space for a water tank is often a challenge, particularly on reducing land parcels and increasing design footprints. Available space is rarely the same in two designs, so a large range of tank sizes and capacities is critical to help you fit the right tank in the available space in your design. Waterplex offers more than 5,000 different sizes and capacities in slimline and round Bluescope® Aquaplate® steel water tanks ranging from 550mm wide to 1150mm wide, 580mm high to 2020mm high (even higher for round tanks) and from 1200mm long to 3300mm long. We also have square water tanks and even tanks that come flat-packed and can be assembled in-situ.

The steel water tank range is available in all Colorbond® colours and all tanks can be made to suit each site with bespoke location of fittings and even an “all-in-one” option where the pump and mains water changeover device are installed in the factory. You can see the full range of steel water tanks here or contact the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70 for a size, capacity and price list.

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Why Waterplex

The Waterplex Group are specialists in producing innovative solutions for storing & harvesting water without taking up all of your valuable space around the home. Waterplex are a leading provider of water tanks in Australia and we have been part of the Australian water industry for over 10 years. We have built up a reliable national network of resellers and highly experienced installers that deliver a "supply and install" solution that is second to none.

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