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How to Repair Leaking Water Tanks

Have you had enough of your tank leaking? How long have you been thinking about getting it fixed but you are just not sure what to do?

Here are some suggestions that may help avoid the cost of a new tank – and stop your existing tank from leaking.

The most common cause of leaking tanks is the age of the tank. The leaks might be due to ground movement or tank movement over time (depends on what you tank is made from) or maybe your tank is just old.

It sounds obvious – but your water tank is leaking from the inside….so if you can “waterproof the inside” of your tank (like it was when it was new) then it will stop leaking. There are a couple of ways to do this.Tank Liner for Leaking Rainwater Tank

If you can clearly see where the tank is leaking from (like a crack or a fitting, then you may be able to seal the leak by using an appropriate sealant for your tank construction (for example, a concrete water tank will require a different solution to a plastic water tank).

If you can’t find the source of the leak, or if you have tried to seal it and it hasn’t worked, then don’t panic. A water tank liner can make your tank “as new” again. The main thing you need to have in order to be able to install a tank liner is a structurally sound tank. So if your tank is “falling apart” or has gaping holes, then a tank liner is probably not for you. Unfortunately you might need a new water tank.

So if your tank is structurally sound, why not consider a potable grade tank liner to give your tank a brand new (and waterproof) inside. In order to determine the best solution for your tank and get the best price, you will need to know the following:

  • What is the source of your water – rain or from somewhere else?
  • Where are you using the water?
  • What is your tank made from?
  • What are the dimensions of your tank?
  • Are there any support piers / poles/ other protrusions or sumps in your tank?

Once you have this information, get a quote from established and reputable suppliers and make sure that the liner material is suitable for your purpose (e.g. for contact with potable water if being used inside your home).

You may be interested in install the tank liner yourself, or you may want someone else to install it for you. Generally, a good plumber will be able to install a liner without any difficulty. If you don’t know a plumber, the team at Waterplex may be able to introduce you to one or possible an experienced tank liner installer (depending on where you live).

And if you need any help as you work your way through the process….feel free to ask the friendly team at Waterplex.

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