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First Flexitank to Pass Container Owners Association New Standards for Rail Tests

The Container Owners Association (COA) has recently increased the standard to which flexitanks must perform in order for them to be approved for international shipping. The changes are a combination of increased impact speeds in the COA rail tests and a reduction in allowances for variation in the shipping container walls.

Liquatrans, the manufacturer of the market leading E-Flex flexitank has achieved two world first in recent testing completed in November 2001: 

  • Liquatrans is the first company in the world to pass the revised and increased benchmark tests as set by the Container Owners Association
  • Liquatrans is the first company in the world to pass the Container Owners Association tests using a flexitank which does not have or require a bulkhead

Waterplex is the exclusive distributor for Liquatrans flexitanks, liquid and dry goods transport products in Australasia. A copy of the testing video along with the deformation specifications can be seen in the video above.

For more information on flexitanks and liquid transport solutions, contact the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70.

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