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Dirty Tank Water? Smelly Tank Water? How can you stop it from happening?

Do you have dirty or smelly water in your tank? Like most things, what you get out of your water tank is a result of what goes into it. So the first place you need to look at to work out what is causing your dirty water is your catchment area. Most commonly this will be your roof but it might also include other areas where rainwater is captured and delivered. When looking at your roof and identifying possible causes of contaminated water you should consider the following:

Dirty Tank Water

1. Vegetation - do you have trees or foliage that are dropping leaves on the roof?

If leaves and general debris are not being prevented from entering they are likely to cause the water to be discoloured or become smelly over time. You should consider installing screen rain heads or gutter mesh that prevents the debris from getting in if they are not already in place. By blocking these, you are half way to resolving the problem.

2. Animal Droppings, dust and Dirt – maybe you have possums around your home or you live in a dusty area?

Just as you need to prevent leaves from entering your tanks, you should do the same for animal droppings, dust and dirt. This can be achieved by installing screen rain heads and first flush devices (they divert the first rain from the roof away from the tank) on downpipes supplying your reservoir.

3. Small particles – maybe you use your water inside the house and you are noticing fine particles in the water?

If you have debris in your water and you want to ensure it does not enter your house, you can install fine mesh filters between the pump and the house. The filter cartridges are available in varying sizes for water flow and debris removal.

Like anything else around your home, your rainwater collection “system” needs to be regularly maintained. The first flush devices, rain heads, gutter mesh and even inlet strainer will become dirty and may block overtime. Here is a simple maintenance plan that should be carried out on a regular basis to ensure your rainwater system is doing its job.

  • Clean your catchment area
    • Keep your roof and gutters clean removing debris on a regular basis.
    • Remember to remove any growth on your roof such as lichen or moss and make sure you isolate the device during the cleaning process so that dirt does not get in.
    • Like most things – the water you take out of it is a result of what goes into the tank.
    • Look at the catchment area and see what else might be going in.

  • Clean your first flush devices and filters
    • Over time these will become dirty or possibly become blocked with debris.
    • Remove the screen on a regular basis and ensure they are clean.
    • Also remove the first flush device screw on cap and ensure that the internal components are clean and the drip outlet is clear. Wash or replace any cartridge filters you have between the pump and the home.

If you need to buy any filtration items for your water storage, whether steel water tanks or slimline water tanks, contact the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70.

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